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Henosis, based in Toronto, is an amalgamated reality of two dreamers. Both artists Ashvin & B'lu are 'third culture citizens' a term often used to refer to children who were raised in a culture outside their parents' culture for a significant part of their development years. Born and raised in two Indian metropolises, the two artists found each other at an art gallery in the Middle East, where their artworks hung next to each other's on the wall. They find themselves often torn between identifying the now and here, and their thoughts drift back and forth from home, away from home, like for nostalgic expats. They finally found home they always wanted in each other.

In their collaborative works, they question how ethical are we being in the present while moving with a mass of thought body that follows us from the past. They choose medium with a specific intention to reflect - clay & charcoal (childhood & play time); pure gold leaf (preciously guarded secrets) and coffee (memorable conversations). 

Henosis supports rescue dogs in the Middle East.

When you buy from us you are a part of the big picture:

✓You pay directly to the real artists who made those original artworks

✓Support ethical channel free of child labour

✓Drive out businesses that make cheap copies of beautiful art on substandard material

✓Crush cut throat competition that promotes wage theft and illegal immigration

✓Encourage sustainability in market place

✓Generate hope for conscious buying

✓Help rehabilitate abused dogs

✓You buy something truly remarkable and unique unavailable anywhere else in material and matter


We are not just any business. We are artists. We want change. We are the change. Together, let's do it! Join us! Join the revolution! 


Buy! Share! Support!

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