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by Dr Ashwin Pillai


Colour blindness is an ironical truth of my life. I first discovered my condition while playing Carrom in school. I could not differentiate between the dark magenta Queen and the worn out black pieces. To my chagrin, I would often pocket the wrong piece and invoke my teammates’ ire.

Later on this was confirmed during my medical school where I was diagnosed to have a mixed red-green and red-blue colour blindness.

Being an artist, this was never a problem though. A painting is usually composed of elements like colour, contrast, perspective and shapes. Counter-intuitive as it may seem, the lack of good colour differentiation has hardly been a problem for me. I often see it as one less thing to worry about.

The COVID situation has most people home-bound with boredom, kids, their boredom and a whole lot of anxiety regarding the uncertain future. I see it as an opportunity to rejuvenate your mind and body, to learn new skills or hone existing ones and restart with a new perspective whenever the time comes.

Art therapy not just improves cognition and sensori-motor skills but also reduces stress and promotes emotional resilience. So, my wife (AKA B'lu) and I decided to create a few colouring sheets for all ages. These are specially designed to accommodate seniors with low visual acuity too.

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