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From Hollywood to hip-hop stars, on-duty soldiers, gangsters and police, to off-duty models, into the 90s, bombers evolved their counter-culture cachet by becoming the outerwear-of-record for the grunge and alternative rock scenes. Embracing the history and transition of bombers we wish to give it its truly deserving and meaningful place in original art through sustainable fashion.


✓Men's Bomber Jacket


✓Matte finish

✓Heavy duty fabric 

✓Strong and durable

✓Curated statement art-wear

✓Easy care

✓To be loved and passed on to generations

✓Cruelty Free

✓Designed and made in Canada

✓Available in 9 Sizes

✓Cuffed sleeves with stretch rib

✓Stand collar in stretch ribbing

✓Ribbed hem at waist for fitted look

✓Twin front pockets


Art note: "Alone we are limited. When we start collaborating, we can reach unimaginable achievements. Together we are stronger, together we can make a difference, a change, together we'll flourish..." -arsnecopinata.


Collaboration by arsnecopinata | Mens' Bomber Jacket

    • 86°F wash. Dry flat.
    • Do not tumble dry.
    • Cool iron.
    • Alternatively can be professionally dry cleaned.
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