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**Golden Rain**

Discover our latest large botanical bath towels good for your beach trips too. Looking for exclusive and unique gifts? Make this the number 1 on your list. 


✓premium texture 

✓size 30 x 60 inches

✓luxe bath towel

✓superb craftsmanship 

✓maximum durability

✓fast-drying lightweight towel 

✓machine wash friendly

✓handmade to order

✓cozy vibes in intimate spaces 

✓limited edition art


These towels are available exclusively on our online art shop where we offer meaningful items you can't find anywhere else. Our designs are meant to uplift the quality of everyday life through art. Daily use as well as environment-friendliness are key factors in our design process. 


The towel dries fast to prevent mildew and mold build-up. This spa-like towel is made only on order and not mass produced. It's unique and made for you in a sublime quality of thought and art you’d love to wrap yourself in. 


The feel of ultra-soft bath towels after a bath or a dip in the pool or a hot soak in the tub can be a very satisfying experience. Step up your bath game by wrapping yourself in our incredibly unique soft towels.


It’s a dream. Imagine this one hanging up in your bathroom.

Golden Rain Autumn Towel

SKU: 5F8878D027495_8874
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