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Have heart

Artist: Sarah Amer


Art note: Embrace Sarah Amer's art from the heart. The anatomical human heart is often a sight of gore that we have come to associate the heart symbol with love. The lack of color shows how we tend to gloss over the dull, ugly parts and focus on the visually appealing exterior. While this piece serves as a reminder to never give up, Have Heart also shows contrast and comparison of the elements presented. The outer shell represents the vibrant concept of love that we have all come to know; what most fail or forget to see is the suffering, the stagnant progress, and the sacrifices made.


✓ Giclée print

✓ 12 in x 12 in

✓ Hahnemüle Monet canvas (stretched)

✓ Pine canvas frames

✓ Matt Varnish

✓ 19 mm edge

✓ Handmade by experienced framers

✓ Limited edition

✓ Worldwide shipping free (limited time offer)

Have Heart | Sarah Amer | Canvas print

  • 12 in X 12 in

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