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Art Note: "One day Ash walked in after work with a bunch of lilies. Usually he brought roses. These lilies were large and beautiful. Stunning enough to at once have me start studying them in my studio. Perhaps that's why he brought them."- B'lu. The sweet and innocent beauty of the lily flower has given it the association of fresh life and rebirth. Pink lilies stand for love, admiration, compassion and femininity. Pink lilies are made in water colour.

Want to add a splash of color to your home? This premium feel pillow with a shape-retaining insert is just what you're looking for! It'll make any room luxurious and provide the perfect excuse for a quick power nap.


Available in 3 sizes:

18 in x 18 in

20 in x 12 in

22 in x 22 in

✓Aesthetically hidden zipper lock

✓Soft and fluffy shape retaining inside

✓Pre-shrunk machine washable pillow case

✓Premium fabric with linen feel

✓Two different shapes - rectangle and square

✓Three sizes

✓Versatile application

✓Indoor decor art

✓Limited edition

✓Artist made

✓Hand sewn

✓Cruelty free

✓Free shipping worldwide

Pink Lily Water-colour Painting by B'lu | Premium Pillow

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